• Scans the complete Western Digital hard drive and undelete WD HDD data in few minutes
  • Simply rescue files from formatted, re-formatted, inaccessible or technically damaged Western Digital hard drives
  • Provided with free demo edition to estimate the effectiveness of Western Digital recovery
  • Helps to view all digital media files before restoring them using file preview option of this tool
  • Finest tool in the world when it comes to recuperating data from all types of Western Digital hard drives

What will you do if an important file has been deleted accidentally?

Needless to say, most of the users go anxious when files from their Western Digital hard drive get deleted. However, if it happens to you, no need to be worried, as you can easily rescue them back using some efficient software.

Western Digital hard drive is the most safe and secure storage media when it comes to store and convey data between different machines. However, in spite of being a safe and reliable storage media, sometimes files from Western Digital hard drive gets delete. Most often this kind of data loss happens when user deletes the file accidentally. To overcome such loss, you need to restore data from backup files. However, if you don’t have a suitable backup and thinking of how to rescue deleted files then here is a best way out. Though there are numerous HDD recovery tools available, but when it comes to retrieve files from WD hard drive, Western Digital Recovery is the most sought and trusted software in the world.

Prior to knowing how to rescue files, let us go though some of the most common scenarios where users lose data from Western Digital hard drive.

  • Whenever you delete any unwanted or unused file, make sure that you have checked its contents before deleting it. However, if you delete any important file before checking contents then you will have to face critical data loss crisis.
  • While transferring data from Western Digital hard drive to computer, make sure that the file transfer process has not been interrupted abruptly in between due to any unforeseen reasons. If it happens at anytime then severe loss of data is definite.
  • Whenever you format Western Digital hard drive, you have to take proper backup of all data present in it, if you have formatted without any backup then critical data loss is guaranteed.
  • Virus infection is another main factor for losing files from Western Digital hard drive. These harmful viruses may rush to your hard drive when it is connected to infected computer or internet. And sometimes antivirus scanning also deletes files if they are severely infected.

To avoid data loss due to any of the unforeseen reasons, you have to maintain a proper backup of all your vital data. Moreover, use effective and updated antivirus and firewall on your computer to avoid infection of harmful virus and malware. Even after taking the preventive measures if you end up with losing files from Western Digital hard drive, then you need to opt this efficient tool to recuperate files on Mac as well as Windows computers.

Unique Features of Western Digital Recovery software

  • Efficiently searches and restores all types of data including media files, movie files, music files, photos, documents, spreadsheets etc from Western Digital hard drive.
  • Simply rescue data from various storage media like external hard disks, flash drives, USB drives, FireWire drives, iPods, memory cards etc.
  • Instantly recuperate data from all types of Western Digital hard drives including WD Passport hard drive. You can get more information about how to rescue data from WD Passport by clicking here http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/wd-passport.html
  • Supports data rescue from SATA, IDE, SCSI and all other types of hard drives which are available in the market.
  • Allows you to save the recovery session in order to avoid re-scanning of storage media and hence it saves your precious time.

Recent Updates:

Western Digital Mavericks Data Recovery: Now with the updated version of this application you can easily perform Western Digital Mavericks data recovery. This software allows users to recover files from Western Digital for different circumstances such as accidental deletion, unintentional formatting, corruption of drive, etc. For more detail about it, visit this link: http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/mavericks-data.html

Recover Data from Failed WD Passport: With the help of Western Digital Recovery tool you can restore deleted or lost data including documents, pictures, audio, video, etc from WD Passport drive failed after severe virus attacks, bad sectors, etc. To get complete information about the page, simply click here http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/failed-wd-passport.html.

Retrieve Files Deleted from WD My Passport Ultra Metal Edition: Well, you can make use of Western Digital Recovery software to undelete deleted files including photo, audio, video, documents, etc from formatted, reformatted, corrupt or damaged WD My Passport Ultra Metal Edition drive compatible with latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system. To know more detailed information, click here http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/my-passport-ultra-metal-edition.html.

WD 1TB Elements SE Portable Hard Drive Recovery:. WD 1TB Elements SE Portable Hard Drive Recovery software helps you to recover data like audio, video, photo file formats even in situations like bad sectors, abrupt removal of the hard drive, sudden power failure etc and works efficiently on both Windows and Mac OS X systems.For further information click here http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/1tb-elements-se-portable-hard-drive.html

Western Digital Scorpio Black Data Recovery: Western Digital Recovery software is an ideal solution to perform Western Digital Scorpio Black data recovery and retrieve lost or erased data back on both Windows as well as Mac OS X system. For more information, click this: http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/scorpio-black.html

Recover Files from Western Digital Velociraptor: One can click here http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/velociraptor.html to know complete information about how to recover deleted or lost files from WD Velociraptor on latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system.

Recover Data from Western Digital My Book World: Now, you are simply few clicks away from safely and securely recovering deleted or lost data from WD My Book World external hard drive on latest versions of Windows and Mac computer by using Western Digital Recovery software with great ease. To know more information about this page, click here http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/data-from-western-digita-my-book-world.html

How to recover data from bad Western Digital hard drive? Make it too simple with the recently upgraded version of Western Digital Recovery software. Click on http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/data-from-bad-western-digital-hard-drive.html and discover the best way to restore data from bad WD hard disk.

Data Recovery Western Digital My Book Essential: Make use of Western Digital Recovery software to restore deleted or lost data from WD My Book Essential external hard drive running on latest versions of Windows and Mac computer. To learn more information, click here http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/mybook-essential.html.

WD My Passport 1TB Data Recovery: Now, with the help of Western Digital Recovery software you can restore deleyted or lost data from WD My Passport 1TB drive running on latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system. For more details, click here http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/wd-my-passport-1tb-data-recovery.html

If you are looking for a suitable application to defrag external disk on Windows 7, no need to find any other tool Western Digital Recovery software is available in new version to make this operation easily and efficiently. To know more about it, visit: www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/defrag-external-hard-drive-in-windows-7.html.

Now, with the updated version of this application you can easily perform data recovery from Western Digital My Passport. The advancement made in this application has made recovery process much more easier. Click on this url, to know more: http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/my-passport.html

If your Western Digital Hard Drive is not performing in speedy way, then make use of Remo MORE to defrag your Western Digital Hard Drive. To know how to defrag your Western Digital Hard Drive click on this url: http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/speed-up-western-digital-hard-drive.html

Make use of best data hard drive recovery application to rescue data from Western Digital hard drive that has been damaged as a result of various scenarios. Visit this page for further info http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/data-from-damaged.html

This software has been updated with latest features so that you can defrag Western Digital external hard drive in few simple clicks.To know more, click here http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/how-to-defrag-western-digital-hard-drive.html

If you are suffering from data loss issue due to corruption of WD hard drive, latest version of this application will be very effective for complete recovery of data. To perform the recovery operation effortlessly, visit this link: www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/data-from-corrupted-wd-passport.html.

Protecting your Western Digital hard drive with password is most easiest task by using this software. This tool has been updated with latest features so that you can lock files with password. Click here to know more http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/password-protect-western-digital-hard-drive.html

You can employ this advanced application to make your WD hard drive run faster. Visit this page http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/hard-drive-runing-slow.html and fix all issues to if your WD hard drive is running slow.

You can take advantage of this brilliant app to restore data from Western Digital WD10EAVS hard drive. To make this operation easy and effective, visit at www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/wd10eavs-data.html

Now, you can use the upgraded version of this application to erase all your private and confidential information from Western Digital external drive. You can visit this link to carry out this deletion operation in some simple steps: http://www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/how-to-erase-western-digital-external-hard-drive.html.

Have you formatted WD external hard drive? Be cool, now you can utilize this advanced tool to retrieve data from formatted WD external hard disk. To make it easy, just click on www.westerndigitalrecovery.net/how-to-recover-formatted-wd-external-hard-drive.html.

Simple steps to recover data from Western Digital hard drive

Step 1: Download and install this software on your system and then launch the tool to open its main screen as shown in below figure.

Western Digital Recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select WD hard drive from the list of logical drives as shown in below figure.

Recover WD Hard Drive - Select WD Hard Drive

Figure 2: Select WD Hard Drive

Step 3: The list of rescued files from WD HDD will be displayed as shown in below figure.

Western Digital Recovery Tool - List of Rescued Files

Figure 3: List of Rescued Files

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