Although reasons for Western Digital hard drive damage may vary greatly, the sense of surprise and despair can be horrifyingly similar. Fortunately, Western Digital Recovery software provides an easy way to recover data from a damaged hard drive in few simple steps.

What are the key features of Western Digital Recovery?

  • This wizard-driven software helps to recover files from a damaged hard drive in an effective way
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My WD external hard crashed. It worked for a little while but it had power issues (would not turn on) so I had to jiggle the power chord to turn it on. It does not work now. I removed the drive and connected it to my PC using the Apricorn universal hard drive adapter. My PC does not recognize it. It shows up in the device manager but states it is not initialized and the disk is unknown. How can I recover the data on the drive?

The above scenario was taken from a well-known forum. Going through the description of the scenario given, we come to know that loss of valuable data has incurred with the crash of WD external hard drive. The best way to recover data from a damaged Western Digital hard drive is by making use of the best hard drive recovery application that can solve the issue in minimal efforts. In addition, you can restore WD My Essential external hard drive data lost due to accidental formatting, virus attacks, etc. For more information, click here

Some of the scenarios that cause damage to the Western Digital hard drive are listed below:

Abrupt Removal: Abrupt removal of the external storage media during the read/write process can cause damage to the Western Digital External hard drive. This leads to loss of valuable data that was being processed. Click on to know how files from WD HDD can be restored back.

Immature Format: If the user doesn’t have sufficient idea on how to format the external hard drive then there might be a big problem. Having less knowledge about the format process and then initiating format procedure on the Western Digital hard drive can sometimes lead to hard drive corruption.

Third-Party Applications: Usage of unknown third party application in the computer for creating a new partition on a Western Digital hard drive can cause serious loss of data. These third-party tools wipe out the entire set of files and folders that were saved. If you are facing data loss from WD My Passport, then click on this URL, to learn the easiest way to restore those files back:

Tool to restore files from a damaged Western Digital hard drive:

We know how tensed you can be when your hard drive is corrupted and you have no access to the vital information that is stored in it. Well, there is no need to upset now. You can easily recover data from the damaged Western Digital hard drive with the use of the ultimate hard drive recovery application. All that needs to be done is to install the tool and follow the simple steps that are provided within this application. With the help of a simple user interface and advanced list of options, even a novice user can recover data from a crashed WD external hard drive effectively. The best feature of this recovery utility is that it is included with the Save Recovery Session option. This Save Recovery session allows the user to save the recovery process at any duration of time and then resume it at a later stage without having to rescan the entire hard drive again. This utility performs the damaged hard drive data recovery in a few simple steps. This application can not only recover data from damaged Western Digital hard drive but can also rescue data from other brands of hard drives like HP, Iomega, Seagate, Fujitsu, Samsung, SanDisk, Buffalo, LaCie etc. on Windows Operating system. A separate the application is developed to restore files from the damaged Western Digital hard drive on Mac machines. With the help of this application user can also retrieve data from the corrupted Western Digital hard drive that is damaged as a result of various scenarios.

Sometimes you may feel that data recovery from a WD hard drive using this software is just like a child's play if you get to know the full potential of this software. The erased partition restoration from WD hard drive using this software is performed in an effective and simplistic way. 

Note: Visit at to learn the most effective way to recover data from the the bad Western Digital hard drive.

Steps for recovering data from a damaged hard drive:

Note: Follow this link if you need to recover data from Western Digital external hard drive

Step 1: From the main screen of the application click on Recover Partitions/Drives option

Recover Data from Damaged Western Digital Hard Drive - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Select the damaged Western Digital hard drive and then carry out the scanning process

Recover Data from Damaged Western Digital Hard Drive - Select WD External Disk

Figure 2: Select WD External Disk

Step 3: At last select the file that needs to be saved on the respective destination location

Recover Data from Damaged Western Digital Hard Drive - Revived Files

Figure 3: Retrieved Files

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