External drives are very useful to store enormous amount of data when the disk space on computer is not sufficient for user. It also provides compatibility with different system and sufficient speed in data transfer irrespective of operating system type you are using. If you are using Windows 7 system, it reads and writes plenty of file on/from the external disk every day. Over time, performance of external drive decreases unknowingly. We realize this problem when it takes so much time to access or transfer a small document on Windows 7 computer. However, there may be different reasons behind such sluggish performance of drive, fragmentation of disk will be one of them. To improve its performance with ease, you have to defrag external hard drive in Windows 7 computer. Now the question is, how can you defrag it. No worry, you can easily defrag and improve performance of external disk using Remo MORE software.

Due to use of an external hard disk for a long time, it is fragmented severely. Fragmentation is a process through which a file is stored in the drive in different parts. When you are going to store any large file, a continuous free space may not be available on the disk. Then the total file is stored in discontinuous memory blocks on the disk. If any file is extremely fragmented on the disk, then operating system requires more time to jump every location for accessing different parts if the file. Therefore, you need to defrag external hard drive in Windows 7 computer immediately to make contiguous memory location for data storage. In this operation Remo MORE software will be most effective.

Defragmentation of disk on Windows 7 computer can be performed through two ways using this tool. One is quick defragmentation and another is deep defragmentation. This Remo MORE application is very proficient to defrag external hard drive in Windows 7 as per the requirement. Using quick defragmentation option, you will be able to defrag those files that are used very often like photos, music, videos and program files that have highest priority in terms of being fragmented. When any particular drive on the external disk is not fragmented for a long time and you want to defrag that entire drive, then deep defragmentation will be the suitable option. Both of these options to defrag external hard drive in Windows 7 will be available in Remo MORE application.

Using this Remo MORE software, you can improve performance of the external disk as well as minimize its booting time. This powerful and well-organized hard disk defragment tool that increases the overall performance of system and also decreases the workload on hard disk read/write head for fetching process. This application is designed with easy user interface so that any user can defrag external hard drive in Windows 7 with ease. You can use the demo version of this application to check its performance on external disk .You can also use this tool to defrag system drives, memory cards on both Windows and Mac operating system.

Steps to Defrag External Hard Drive in Windows 7:

Step 1: At first, install this application on your Windows 7 computer and after launching it selecet "Drive Degrag" option from main window.

Defrag External Hard Drive in Windows 7 - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: In this step, choose the defragmentation option to defrag the external hard disk on Windows 7.

Defrag External Hard Drive in Windows 7 - Select File Manager Option

Figure 2: Select Defrag Method

Step 3: As you select a method to defrag the drive, software will start analyzing problems and fix all of them to defrag external hard drive completely as shown in figure.

Defrag External Hard Drive in Windows 7 - Select File/Folder Locker

Figure 3: Analyzing Process