Guide to Recover Deleted Files from Western Digital Hard Drive

Recover files deleted from Western Digital Hard Drive after accidental deletion, formatting the drive, corruption of the drive, etc. with the help of Western Digital Recovery software. Get the free download of the software, and restore deleted files in three easy steps. Download and try now for free..!


Cleaning your Western Digital hard drive is very irksome task. However, sometimes while doing so, you end up deleting some important files. It will be very frustrating if you delete files by using shift delete keys and you don’t have any way. In such critical time, do you think your important files have gone away in just one wrong click? Needless to say, your anxiety will keep increasing when you don’t know how to come out of data loss crisis? Fortunately, you can overcome the data loss crisis by using various file rescue tools. However, when it comes to recover deleted files from Western Digital hard drive, Western Digital Recovery is the most trustworthy tool. This tool is effective to perform deleted files recovery from WD hard drive , dead WD my passport data recovery, formatted WD hard drive recovery, reformatted Wd hard drive recovery, etc in few simple steps.

Do you think data stored on Western Digital hard drive will last forever? Let’s presume a possibility. You stored all your favorite movies on Western Digital hard drive. After some days, you want to show your movie collections to your friends so you connected Western Digital hard drive to your computer. However, while checking a file, you accidentally clicked on delete option. Do you know what exactly happened after you clicked on delete option? Your movie files are gone away within a fraction of second. Nothing can save you from misery other than your precious movie files. In such time, several questions comes in your mind like what should I carry out to recuperate movies now? Can I get back my movie files? Fortunately, there is only one tool which is the ultimate remedy to all your difficulty and you can recover deleted files from Western Digital hard drive in few simple mouse clicks.

What happens actually when you delete files from Western Digital hard drive?

Deleting a file from Western Digital hard drive just removes the index pointer of a file, which is responsible for accessing file and sets the storage space as free, but on Western Digital hard disk sectors where the actual stream of data resides, remains integral until and unless they have been overwritten with new files. Without file pointers, operating systems fails to access such files but this data rescue tool performs a deep scanning throughout the entire WD hard drive and helps to restore erased files from Western Digital hard drive at one go.

Western Digital Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive

Reason might be diverse but the eventual result is same i.e. loss of files. Irrespective of the cause, if you end up with losing files from WD hard drive, don’t get worried, as you can easily rescue deleted files by using this efficient data rescue tool. Moreover, you can also perform WD passport rescue in few simple mouse clicks.

In addition to data rescue from WD HDD, this tool recuperates data from various storage drives like iPods, external hard disks, flash drives, USB drives, FireWire drives, pen drives and many more storage drives which can be accessed via Windows/Mac computer. It can recuperate all types of files including pictures, documents, spreadsheets, RAR files etc.

Steps to recover deleted files from Western Digital hard drive

Step 1: Once you download and install this software, run this tool to rescue files from Western Digital hard drive as shown in figure A.

Recover Deleted Files from Western Digital Hard Drive - Welcome Screen

Figure A: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Select Western Digital hard drive from the list of logical drives as shown in figure B.

Rescue WD Hard Drive Deleted Files - Select Western Digital Hard Drive

Figure B: Select Western Digital Hard Drive

Step 3: The list of recuperated files from WD hard drive will be displayed as shown in figure C.

Data Rescue from WD HDD - List of Recuperated Files

Figure C: List of Recuperated Files