You never know when the file system of your Western Digital disk fails. Let’s think about a possibility. You have stored all your essential files in the Western Digital disk. However, someday while working on WD disk, a power failure occurs. When you restart the computer, you might be shocked to know that WD disk has turned inaccessible. Most often this kind of scenario comes when its file system gets corrupt due to a sudden power failure. Now you must be thinking, how did the file system get corrupt? You will also be concerned about your important files stored on the Western Digital disk? No need to be worry!!! Because Western Digital disk recovery is very easy by using various efficient recovery tools. These tools have a strong and powerful inbuilt scanning algorithm which searches all files and restores them with the help of unique file signatures. Western Digital Recovery is one such trustworthy software which rescues data from inaccessible WD disk at one go.

Before Western Digital disk recovery, let us walk through some scenarios where data from Western Digital disk can get lost-

  • Infection of the malicious virus is a major cause losing files from the WD disk. In case if the antivirus software is not effective and outdated, then there are chances of files getting infected are more which further makes your drive inaccessible. Sometimes infection of harmful virus deletes the stored files without the user notification.
  • Sometimes while formatting or re-formatting one of the partitions of your PC, if you unintentionally format the Western Digital disk containing your essential files, then all data resides in it will go away. In case if you don’t have a legitimate backing of files which you have lost then a critical loss of data is definite.
  • In some instances, users accidentally format their Western Digital disk by accessing through the computer without examining its contents and priority. In case if there are some vital files stored in the formatted WD disk which are not yet backed up, then the user will forfeit those precious files.

In order to avoid data loss due to any of the above-mentioned catastrophe, you need to have a proper backup of all your important data all the time. Moreover, it’s strongly recommended to use an effective antivirus software to avoid infection of the harmful virus.

Irrespective of the cause of data loss from the WD disk, the Western Digital Disk Recovery tool will easily restore all types of files in a few simple clicks. Besides Western Digital hard drive, it can rescue data from storage drives like iPods, FireWire drives, flash drives, USB drives, memory sticks, external hard drives etc. It can also restore the Western Digital for Mac and Windows systems. Western Digital Disk Recovery tool provides an effective file preview option which helps you to view the media files before restoring them. Moreover, it can restore files from a corrupted, damaged, formatted or reformatted Western Digital disks. It can also be used to recover files from WD My Passport Slim in a very effective way. For more detail, visit this link:

Follow a few simple steps to recover data from a Western Digital disk

Step 1: First, download this software and then install it on your PC then run it to open its welcome screen as shown below in figure A.

Western Digital Disk Recovery - Welcome Screen

Figure A: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Select the WD disk from the list of logical drives as shown in figure B.

Rescue WD Hard Drive - Select WD Disk

Figure B: Select WD Disk

Step 3: You can see the list of revived files from WD disk as shown in figure C.

 Recover Western Digital Disk - List of Revived Files

Figure C: List of Revived Files

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