Western Digital hard drives are very popular for offering high capacity to store and transfer data.  However this is very durable and fast storage device but after a certain time, it becomes slow. You can experience it running slow. Actually, your Western Digital hard drive running slow because, it has not gone through maintenance from a long period. Here we have discussed about few common scenarios that are accountable for slow hard drive performance. Additionally, you get a smart approach to deal with this problem.

There are numbers of mistakes that we do while working on computer or storing data on hard drive. These little mistakes cost a lot but we come to know about this when encounter Western Digital hard drive running slow as compare to before. Mostly two of ten persons are aware of some basic operations that are very necessary to perform in order to keep system’s performance maintained. For example, when we save a file on computer, OS locates suitable space on hard drive to save the file. Sometimes, OS manages to save different sections of a file on different locations randomly. This gives a rise to a scattered arrangement of files on hard drive and also drive gets fragmented automatically. Due to defragment of hard drive, OS needs to give a bit of time extra when visiting disk to locate files.

Similarly, you might have saved a lot of junk files on your hard drive. Although, nobody get this pile of junk data intentionally but it happens gradually from the time you own computer and start your work. These outdated files or junk items like temporary internet files, duplicate video, songs, images, application set up files, supporting program files etc are residing on hard drive with no use. Therefore, user should delete these items from hard drive regularly. Also, check your Recycle Bin or Trash Bin for deleted files and make these folders empty.

Your computer OS has inbuilt tools to perform operations like defragmentation of drive, disk cleaning etc. You can run these apps regularly to increase WD hard drive performance. However, there is another option for you that is utilization of third party software like Remo MORE. With such powerful application, you can perform all necessary maintenance work within a just one click. It is an automated program that identifies and removes junk data from hard to make it faster. Additionally, you can utilize this application to defrag hard drive. This software works efficiently on All major versions of Windows OS i.e. Windows 8/7/XP etc. You can download this software for free and also it is designed with easy to use interface where user gets step by step guidance to improve WD hard drive performance.

Steps to use this application:

Step 1: Run this software and click on Manage option from main window. From Manage screen, select Drive Statistics option.

Western Digital Hard Drive Running Slow - Main Screen

Figure 1: Drive Statistics Option

Step 2: Select your WD hard drive and then select Drive Checker option to start scanning.

Western Digital Hard Drive Running Slow - Select File Manager Option

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: After the drive check process is completed, it will flash all fixed issues. Click on Finish to complete process.

Western Digital Hard Drive Running Slow - Select File/Folder Locker

Figure 3: Fixed Issues