Accidents with Western Digital Passport hard drive do ensue and you must not neglect this reality. It is easy to store and maintain files and consequence it’s also easy to lose files if you are not careful while accessing files from the WD Passport hard drive. Sometimes you might unintentionally press the delete button instead of clicking on any other option. It’s hard to digest that one small oversight can make serious data loss. Nonetheless, an accidental deletion of files from WD Passport HD is unfortunate and a regular user never bears the loss of precious files. If something like this happens, no need to lose your hope. As WD Passport recovery is still possible, provided how you proceed upon until the stored location of the lost or deleted file is not overwritten with the new files.

Have you deleted a vital file from the Western Digital Passport HD and then realized its value, you will get a bombshell when you found the file is not found anywhere. The unpredicted deletion of files is something that occurs with most of the users. After deleting the file from the WD Passport, you need to restore it back from a legitimate backup. Nonetheless, what if you don’t have a backup of lost or deleted files? Will you able to bear such kind severe of data loss? In such critical scenarios, no need to be worried because there are abundant tools available that help you in WD Passport recovery. However, when it comes to rescuing Western Digital disk, Western Digital Recovery is a strong and trustworthy tool which also helps to undelete Western Digital Passport HD data.

Few common scenarios where files from the Western Digital Passport hard drive get deleted.

  • Many users delete redundant files from their WD Passport HD in order to give way to store new files. There are times where the user inadvertently deletes some vital files along with needless files by using the combination of Shift + Delete keys.
  • In some instances, users inadvertently format their Western Digital Passport hard drive which has some vital files. Suppose if files stored on formatted WD Passport hard drive are not yet backed up, the user will have to forfeit those vital files. However, in order to overcome these scenarios employ this powerful toolkit to retrieve lost data from WD My Passport 1TB drive with ease. For a detailed information, click here

No matter how you have lost or deleted files from Western Digital Passport hard drive, this tool will give satisfying result with WD Passport Recovery. In addition, you can restore files from other storage drives like SSD, USB flash drives, USB drives, memory cards, FireWire drives, external hard disks etc. You can also get additional information about how to use this tool by reading the instructions provided with user manual of this software. Besides WD Passport Recovery, it can easily rescue all types of files including the digital photos and documents. Moreover, you can make use of this efficient recovery software on all versions of Windows and Mac computers. To know more about how to recover WD USB hard disk, click here:

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Simple steps to perform WD Passport recovery

Step 1: You need to download and install this software on your computer and then launch the tool to open its home wizard as shown in figure I.

WD Passport Recovery - Home Wizard

Figure I: Home Wizard

Step 2: Select the WD Passport hard drive from the list of logical drives as shown in figure II.

Restore WD Hard Drive - Select WD Passport Hard Drive

Figure II: Select WD Passport Hard Drive

Step 3: You can preview any media files from the list of the rescued files as shown in figure III.

Restore WD Passport - List of Recuperated Files

Figure III: List of Restored Files

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