Your Western Digital hard disk drive could be defective under various circumstances. Mostly, users are responsible for such a crisis because in the most of the cases, the hard drive gets bad or corrupted after some common actions which users perform while saving or retrieving data on the drive. Usually, interruption between read/write operation is not good for the health of any storage drive. Repeated OS rebooting or current failure while hard drive is under operation, could result in the formation of bad sectors on the hard drive. Information saved on these bad sectors would not be readable so you may experience data loss if the drive is affected with the bad sectors. Now if user knows how to recover data from bad Western Digital hard drive, he can easily come over this problem. Since bad sectors can be fixed by formatting the hard drive, many of the users format it and subsequently lose their valuable data. In such case, formatted Western Digital hard drive data recovery becomes a choice for users to restore the lost information.

The Partition Table contains information about all partitions which are created in a WD hard drive. Operating System utilizes this partition table to read the partitions but when this table is corrupted, partitions will not be accessed by OS and then you will find partitions are missing on the hard drive. Sometimes, while converting the file system of the hard drive partitions, the user may fail to perform it properly and as a result he left with a bad hard drive. Due to a bad file system, the user may encounter format error when connecting the hard drive to any system. Therefore it becomes essential for users to perform the Western Digital hard drive recovery. Users can refer this page to know about data recovery from WD hard drive.

When the boot sector record on the hard drive is corrupted, the system will show a blue screen and it will not boot properly. In such stage, a common question comes in user's mind i.e., how to recover data from a bad Western Digital the hard drive? Data can be easily recovered from hard drive if it is not overwritten by new data. Therefore, stop saving data on hard drive and make use of a professional data recovery tool to perform data recovery from Western Digital Passport HDD and other drives. Additionally, one can use this powerful software to recover data from corrupted, formatted and reformatted WD 1TB Elements SE Portable Hard Drive with great ease. For further information click

To recover data from bad Western Digital hard drive successfully, the user should make selection of a reliable application. Western Digital Recovery is one such application that is designed to perform fastest and complete data recovery from a bad, crashed, damaged or inaccessible hard drive from Western Digital. The software has built-in scanning engine that scans bad hard drive thoroughly and retrieves videos, documents, images, songs, applications and type data from formatted, re-formatted, missing, deleted or raw hard drive partitions. Using this software, you can also recover data from WD 1TB external hard disk drive not detected Windows 10 within few mouse clicks. It supports data from WD hard drive partitions which are formatted with NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, HFSX, HFS+ file systems. One can utilize this app to recover data from bad hard drive on Windows and Mac systems. Mac users can refer this page  to read how to recover data from the bad Western Digital hard drive on Mac. Moreover, it supports the recovery of data from Western Digital Scorpio Black hard drive. to know more, refer this site:

Recovery of deleted partitions is another application area of this software which is not mentioned anywhere above. One can implement this application to the deleted partition retrieval from a WD hard drive with utmost ease.

Simple steps to recover data from the bad Western Digital hard drive:

Step 1: Launch this software to open the main screen and select "Recover Drives" option to recover data from the bad Western Digital hard drive.

How to Recover Data from Bad Western Digital Hard Drive - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the Western Digital hard drive and then click on the next option to start the recovery process.

How to Recover Data from Bad Western Digital Hard Drive - Select WD Hard Drive

Figure 2: Select WD Hard Drive

Step 3: At last when the scanning is completed, restored data can be viewed in Data View/File Type View.

How to Recover Data from Bad Western Digital Hard Drive - Restored Data

Figure 3: Restored Data

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